Wednesday, August 02, 2006

oh yeah trees

So I was going to write that I worked on a sweet mansion today. We are building it over looking the Fraser river and the glen valley . It is being built by this engineer from Japan named Kimmy Ito. Absolutly gorgeous house. I will try and post some pictures. the property was planted 80 to 100 years ago with beautiful trees from all over the world, all manner of pines and sequoias and maples and magnolias. it is an amazing place to work. not to make anybody wish they were here but... I wish you were here.

trees and pool

I just returned from six games of pool with my two brothers; Asher and Gabriel. Not a single game was won by any method other than sewred black ball. wierd. ASher is back from Halifax for the month it is good to have him around. only one short now, but he has to stay south side. Not to load the interweb with incriminating news but. Just in case you didn't know, and Im not saying that I do know, but, if you go to the airport to pick up your brother at 1:30am in Vancouver and you happen to need a beer... like ya do, then I hear that if you go to the international arrivals terminal and stop at the Eliphant and Castle pub And find yourself nearly alone minus your bro and few stragglers waiting for relitives from Kualalampur. then take a beer mug from the drying rack and check the taps because at about that time they serve up a mean pint o Guiness... not that I would know, but being as there is no door or door man or bar man or maid or janitor or really anybody except kualalumpurians you might as well try. but I wouldn't know.....mmm guiness