Monday, April 24, 2006

my neck and my back

they're sore is what they are.
The fakers can't make believe about that.
The music may be a real psuedo sound but the head thrashing is the real thing.
The day was grey enough to make yesterday's tan fall of my face
I shouldn't write papers on days like this
it would be intersting to see if papers written on days like this get me poorer marks because of their blue attitude
I bought a shirt with a skull on it today, I get the errrge to burn money when the sky is ashen
Skulls are a missunderstood symbol, we all carry one around all the time and yet to see one is usually a symbol of death rather than of cranial support, holy magical creativity and safety.
cradle to the grave...
the blue jays are back screaming around in horny packs....

Monday, April 10, 2006

the very last of the last blog

I looked at myself in the mirror just now and noticed that I have a rather sizeable beard. I know it may seem only logical seeing as I havn't shaved in some time. But it struck me as quite wonderful that I have hair, blonde, red and brown that grows in force out of my lower face. what a wonderful special feature to this body that God has given me.
I had a wonderful conversation tonight with Mike Kramer, Jeff Schutter and Dena Nickoli about weddings and how they are best when they include, camping, wine and at least one slightly awkward but humorous situation involving a sauced reletive. beer, t-shirts and sauced friends are also good, and Jack maatman leaving his shoe untied at the alter. and about travelling which should be done a lot and northern lights and how good they are and about that couple that just eloped and live in North and East hall and how funny that is.
I feel often as If Dordt is a college built in a glass bottle like those ships in a bottle, it is good however that it has a strangely high number of amazong people in it. I really look forward to leaving, though I will miss these people.
I'm really looking forward to the first day this summer when I can go to work and pound a nail into a board, there is somthing so immediatly gratifying about that act. after learning as my Dad has always said that delayed gratification is always better, Dordt is certainly a good place to learn that, I will revel in the simple act of hitting a nail with a hammer..... is this what blogs are supposed to be? places to whisper out into cyber space about how much you want to hit nails?
oh well it is the last blog i'll write.... good night

Friday, April 07, 2006

The First and Very Last Blog

Between the Farmhouse and the 4th st bunker there lie many a field and with the rain they become muddy fields. It wasn't the first time I've crossed it but it was certainly the westest and one of the emost enjoyable crossings I've made. Wine and the possibility of being smote by the Lords Lightning along the way always increases the enjoyment of such a trek. No smoting happened however and Alan and I both got as far as fourth street without a problem that a little more rain couldn't wash away.
Ive been rollin the rocket soul off Pandora's music box o' wonder. a little Al Green for this old winter browned sod.

Birds that I've noticed are back in Sioux Center
Turkey Vultures
Baby Chickens at Bomgaars (coming very soon) Mels brilliant idea is to buy a couple and keep them for two weeks till they're about to get ugly and then give them to a kid in the park while their parent isn't watching.

funny but not good
No chickens for me this year Ive had my fill of trying to raise chickens in vermin infested sioux center