Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have begun a second Blog to showcase my artwork

Click on the link aa MYartwork in my on my "the others" list.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

silver fish on crimson foil
mary pratt 1987
oil on masonite
18 3/8" x 27 7/8"

Mary Pratt

For those of you who know MAry Pratt's work you know the intense luminesence of the paintings and the warm domestic sensibilities that indwell the work. Her work has been an influence on me since I saw her retrospective show at the VAG in 1996. I was able to see her at the Langley Fine Arts school in 97 when they opened the Gallery named after her in the school. So it was a strange circle of event the brought me back around to student teach at LFAS and to teach a grade 12 painting unit on Mary Pratt; and an even greater stroke of providence that brought her back to open the show and celebrate her birthday and the 10th anniversary of the gallery at langley Fine arts school on monday night with her newish husband Jim Rosen. They were both deeply glowing refined people. It was delightful to hear mary speak about her favorite work and the path she has walked over her career and espescially the last 10 years. A truly remarkable evening and tribute to a Canadian giantess.
grade 6/7 painting after Mary's work "the breakfast table"

grade 12 paintings

at the show.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

rain rain ahh

there was more of it on sunday then we usually have in the entire month of march. considering this is vancouver and rain is what we are known for you can imagine that it it was like those iowa summer thunder showers; here one minute and sunny with a road of rivers the next, except in this case the road of rivers ran while the rain continued and the sun hid in the oaxican cabanas.
spring break?
this weekend I get to see dordties from the band and choir. im excited.
I strongly recommend Dale Chihuly's website. raw beauty from a pirate
just mess around on the site till you find yourself lost in loops of images of glass baubles and twizzles and doodlywhacks. be sure to look at his drawings and note that those abstract squiggles are in fact the roots of the finished work.
all creation sings
here is a pirate from the north coast who knows what to do with some dreary wet weather.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Larry King

I got very impatient with my blog layout because It looked like whatever that thing is that larry king sits in front of.
I dont have much else to say; its friday..
I think I'll head into the city tonight and see the sights and hear the sounds.

check out the link I have under "the others" that reads "asher in sierra leone" now there's sombody with somthing to write about... he's my brother in case you didn't know.

Well lets see I guess I can shine a light on my life.. a little. I have been substitute teaching in Langley Christian school for most of the week. Today I taught Communications 11, Bible 10, Band 10 and PE 10. Of course all things that I have prepared for as a teacher. Most of my days are really about tugging together the wide strands of my sentience and dangling them as best I can in hopes that the students will be able to get what they need to out of the class.
Some days this goes very well. On wednesday I taught science 8 and led a lab on Viscosity of milkshakes and increased vacums in various straw sizes. Milkshakes, straws...eighth graders...can't really go that wrong.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Knee-on Bye-Bull

Its good.
the arcade fire album is good.\
it doesn't come with the jolting freshness of Funeral, that beautiful unexpectation like getting hit with lighting. Buying this album was more like going to touch an electric wire and your not sure if its on, but you hope it isn't and the anticipation is more painful then the jolt could ever be.
I find the albums themes appropriatly dark without losing light. "the well and the lighthouse" and "keep the cars running " are reviews are not my thing.
I love this album
its good
there are good songs on it
I like the things they say
Organs are powerfully sublime
that is somewhat redundant