Saturday, September 15, 2007

alright ok ok I will

Sometimes I just dont' feel like it and I know that you are out there reading, or rather wishing you had something to read, and there is nothing and the less I blog the less you care to look, but hey i am me and thats just part of the deal. Really what I'm saying is sorry for not writing.

Meanwhile, I just got this cool feature from asher that shows where people visit the blog from; a kind of palantir for the sight, so thats fun:)
My Kindergarten class can read! its pretty cool all of them can read the english language, if only a little. They don't really know what it means but they can read it. Some of them are really good and can read books without much help. I have one girl in my class, Lily, who likes to take my novels from my desk at reading time and just sits there staring at the pages and looking at me with a smirk every once and a while. They are really sweet and love me a lot. Julia who only speaks a little english will come in in the morning and grab a pen and write "I Love You" on a post it note, hand it to me and then run of giggling. They make it worthwhile doing the job.
The afterschool program is exhausting as it consists of short classes with lots of different kids, and so you don't really get to know them. Because it's after the morning sessions I have no enrgy to put in. Its a little too much. We are heading into the Week before the Thanksgiving ( Chu Seok) holiday. It will be nice to have the break. I will be heading to Jejudo, a Semi-tropical Island of the south coast. I really look forward to being there.

I am about to head out to a writing session with some friends. I've lately been able to get connected to some great artistic people who are helping me feed some of my creative impulses. We are writing a script to be used at the cd release party of a friend. A mob themed play to run throughout the night with video and live segues between sets. I also met a guy who produces a English indie magazine here in Seoul and he has hooked me up with a gig two nights a week at a restaurant playing guitar and singing. It will be a nice way to keep that going. Kind of nerve rattling as I have never had a regular gig or thought that I would. But hey its Seoul and odd things are possible.

Thats probably more than enough for a post but lots is happening. Sorry no photos today maybe next time.