Friday, July 28, 2006

thee undead

dial up internet


people I really like
those who care to keep checking

Main body of letter:

Johnny Cash's "American V" is keeping that hole in my soul a little more filled in these days. It seems that time is crawling by but at the same time evaporates before I have done anything with it. that wily old time. So I guess I should finish my story that I left off heading to Devils tower. Lets see... I never slept that night in my car and the next morning was misty and I got to the tower at about 7 am. Amanda remember how strange it seemed that the Volvo had that little "break Failure" sign written right on the dash, and how scay I thought it would be to see that light up. Well!! as I pulled out of the parks parking lot that light came on and my brake peddle went to the floor and I just rolled forward. Mist mountains... no brakes. nearly dirty pants. I could pump the brakes and get them to stop.. I put some fluid in and drove with shitty breaks all the way home. Yes there are big hills in the Rockies. I visited the Jeff Schutter. sweetness. and potatoe fields. oh yeah.. hey Bozmanians this girl named Erin from my church is marrying a Bozmanian named Ben. he wears black hornrimmedish glasses....D'ya know 'im? its not as if I didn't describe him well enough.. well he says he knows you.
Then I went and visited Justine in Lacombe and then drove home.
That was a long time ago.
The breaks are now fixed
THe car which is named "Henderson" is still running... well...ish

Don't bite it hurts, and look what mosquitoes get for all their biting. That is a very bad way to die. its a good thing we don't need to bite things that are way bigger than us and have opposable thumbs in order to get our food. we'd use buckets instead of caskets. yeesh, sorry about that image

Saturday, July 22, 2006

shoes and socks

It is hot in case you hadn't noticed. the blueberries are ripe and dripping to the ground. There is no one else awake my jet lagged parents are sleeping on this side of a african walkabout. My brother who is nineteen which means hes really in his 20th year , as of yesterday is ... why don't they count your day of birth as your first birthday!? I have built two houses this summer. I have calouses.