Saturday, January 20, 2007

80lbs of the runs

So I spent my saturday morning heaving two weeks of Cow shit from the barn to the pile. Mixed with all the snow and rain it was quite the sloppy sea. So by 11:30 I had smatterings of manure all over myself. Ive since scraped of the shit and should get to doing some house work.

The Photo is the road in front of my house a few weeks ago.
can anyone email me the text line needed to create links to other blogs? I am always going through other peoples comments to get to other blogs.

yours truly

Shit on his shoes

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Highspeeeeeed oryx

Finally I will spend less time grunting and yowling at the desktop demon and more time living in peace and harmony thanks to the wonders of hi speed interbop.
It seems kinda strange I had grown used to the relationship as it was. Id write a letter the computer would accept it lovingly then in a fit of hystaria tear it to shreds in my face and stare out with those blank eyes that say "this program is not responding" then I would curse leave and have a great excuse for not using the damn thing for ten weeks. ah well I guess we'll do whats best for the kids.
meanwhile I have almost a full week of teaching booked so that should be fun and then in two weeks I am going on a 3day biology trip to the island. not a bad gig so far.
I think I loaded a picture of me whipping a huge bull kelp plant from last summer... no reason just found it and now can load it with speedster webblies over here.

pointless activity really

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well ain't it a funny ole worl'.

I guess this is more on the whole coincidence thing. Shane Claiborne spoke at TWU yesterday and today and I made the hefty 10 minute drive to go and listen. What a guy, truly revolutionary. the dreadlocked baggy clothed Phillidelphian urban farmer, enemy of poverty and full time lover with a fresh eye for the gospel had quite the impact on ole Josher here. His book was a shake, but to be sitting with him and talking to him a few days after finishing the book and thinking "dang Id like to meet that guy" was quite a trip. I guess it just makes sense but then again, how? I don't really know. Then by Buechneresque coincidence the organizer asked me of all people what I was doing after chapel and would I be able to get him to the airport? HA!
so I did. I guess its not the Worl' thats so funny but God.
One interesting anecdote I learned from Shane was the root of the coloquialism "spittin' image" as in "well ain't he the spitting image of Jesus." which fits nicely because when said without the southern drawl "spittin image" breaks into "Spirit and image" this cat sure was in this case the Spirit and image of Jesus.
The other funny ole worl' thing thats only funny because I don't really feel like crying about it is that we got a huge snowstorm today. Now snowstorms are great right, and they bring school closures and fun and tabogans and skis, but I rely on schools being open for my $ and my arms hurt pretty bad right now so I can't mess around in it. Also we aren't supposed to get snowstorms like this here, they're supposed to be on the other side of the mountains and country, and on the east coast theyre playing BC winter games like golf. That burns a hole in my gut when mixed with that huge chunk of Ellis Island up in the artic that just melted off, and mixed with the Detroit auto show that reported no news of any hydro powered line of cars instead the new Dodge Avenger V10, and mixed with George "Avenger" Bush's speech on the new strategery for Iraq which is not funny or cute but just f*C%'n scary. more war not less, Where is the Peace plan. can I get an amen computer land? The time has come the walrus and the drowning polar bear said, to talk of other things. It is time for the massive change I dream of and I know it starts with me so a little help and a lot of hugs are in order. Stanley Park is a windswept mess today with a hundred acres of ancient trees fallen over, My great grandparents are dead if you know what I mean.
Alright, Im not done, but Ill stop; it gets me a lot scared though. I need a car to work tommorow but driving it causes the problems that makes going to work futile. argh I was gonna stop.
I live on a farm, I can grow my own food.
I know how to knit and sew, I will make my own clothes.
I can paint and teach and that is beautiful (most of the time)
I have friends, that is good in itself but they also have many talents, and friends, that can help
Massive Change any one? im in, lets talk.

Monday, January 08, 2007


AS frederick Beuchner puts it, Coincedence is the whispering from the wings that you showed up in the right spot at the right time, everything is going to be fine, and you have not been forgotten.
Well I didn't get the job, I already found out. THey really liked me but all my ideas for school of rock are apparently to riske <--- there is supposed to be an accent on that e.
anyway maybe they read my blog and noticed the glaring grammatical errors in the lines where I talk about applying to teach grade six. I guess my beatnik slang ain't hep to their jive. But dang them sixers would have dug three months of misty mountain hop oh well their loss.
Oh well there's always snuff.
so about coincidence
well I hope thats whats developing; one big happy coincidence. feel free to help out.
so Im packin my bags for the misty mountains where the spirits soar, over the hills where the spirits fliiiiiiiiiiiii. ooo ooo oo oo

Haircut etc.

I have taken to doing my own haircuts these days and so far I think i will never go back to a barber. Except to maybe give him a pinch of snuff. Which as I was just reminded by my father is tabacco ground to a fine powder and then snorted up your nose............smoking may seem stupid to some but snorting tabacco up your nose is crazy. at least smokers can argue that they enjoy the act of sitting and having a smoke but who is going to argue that they really like their after dinner quick nasal inhale of tabacco powder. seesh its a good thing that didn't make it into the 21st century as a popular activity.
Anyway, I had interview today it was for a grade six classroom teaching position. not exactly what I signed up for but hey who knows.
Turns out that Shane Claiborne is going to be at Trinity Western to do chapel tommorow at 11. I will be going. I m pretty stoked to hear what he will say After reading his book Irresistable revolution, Which you should all read....well if that isn;t enough book plugs for him I don't know what it is.
I just typed know like this "nkwo" wchih mekas me tnihk of tohse seewt wtire ups wrehe all the wrdos are selpt wtih olny the fsirt and lsat lteter in the rhgit sopt but you can sltil raed it. taht's sewet.
As I read over that gobeldigook I think it might be more complex then that but let me know.
Anyway that is probobly a sufficient amount of BS spewed into cyber space for one night.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday afternoon, Knitting, Palestine, Manderlay

I have taken up knitting. its fairly mind numbing and I don't like that about it. after about three rows I feel like placing the needles on a machine that will continue the rest for me. The scarves I am making however are awsome and so the reward is big.
I called sioux center this afternoon it is still there.
I have been reading Jimmy Carter's book "Palistine; Peace not appartheid" it makes me rant and rave and froth at the mouth, this means its good, but very troubling. I did'nt have a good grip on the inter-national politics of the region and this book makes many of those things clear. It should be read by anyone who either doesn't really understand whats happening there or just thinks that Isreal is the people of God and they should get to do what they want.....because they should'nt get to. I should probobly write a more in depth essay and post it but right now I can't.
I also saw Lars Von Triers film "Manderlay" this weekend it is the second part in his series critiquing american culture, which began with "Dogville." I highly recomend it, with a warning that its not a good date movie, kind of like passion o the Christ... Dane that warnings for you. Anyway I am interested to hear what some of you who have seen it thought.
I was particularly struck but the shift in Grace's character from a passive role to a very active and affective role. I found her to take on the character of wazizname from Dogville the young idealist.
Well, time short, must go

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

after the flood

Happy new year everyone
It has rained for 90% of the new year here in Langley BC. Christmas was spent in Sanfransisco and Yosemite Nat'l park wow.... big rocks. I am looking for gainful employment for the new year as I am now finished the whole student thing. Long strange trip that was. I wouldn't likly be writing a blog if I hadn't gone back to Dordt let alone a million other small things it has changed and the big things like all of you wonderful people out there who I met at Dordt and who might read this.
good reads and listens of 2006
"the Alchemist" by paolo coelho
"the irresitable revolution" shane claibourne (amazing)
"silence" Shusako endo

Bob Dylan "modern Times"
Gorillaz "demon days (thanks Ross)
Calexico w/ Iron and Wine "in the reins"
Sufjan Stevens "Christmas Album"
Decemberists "Crane Wife"
Lowell George "Thanks I'll eat it here"
Leonard Cohen soundtrack tribute cover thing "Im your Man"

Anyway visit soon or let me know if you hear of a sweet art teaching job and then I can come.