Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It has been to long. The grind towards Christmas is no less grating here then in Canada. Report cards Christmas parties to run and shows to play. For those who asked the show went well. I have about four shows a week these days. I am playing the regular Orange King gig two nights a week and have started opening for my friend Vadim's Band "The New Regime." Also there is the odd gig at and art show or some other event. All in all its a lot of work. Very enjoyable work but work none the less. The response has been great and I look forward to doing more in the new year. I will probably put together a band and start to get some bigger gigs.
At school my kids are doing great. They performed the Ann Mortifee poem Miss Rolly Polly Polar Bear, in front of all their parents today and did a wonderful job, clearly annunciating every word. It made me very proud. We had a birthday party and Santa came and gave them all presents. Hows that for a mind blowing day for a six year old. One more day of school and then ten days of bliss.
"Bliss" defined: 5 am airport shuttle to incheon airport, 8:45 am depart, 1pm arrive in Manila, The Philippines, Fly to Boracay, hit the beach exhale 8months of bad air and high strung city life. inhale tropical breezes, lush jungle islands, crystalline reefs teeming with life , and a few 50cent beers. sounds like a Merry Christmas. It sure won't be white and it won't be good family warmth but I'm on the other side of the world and i think it will make for a decent backup option.
Merry Christmas
p.s. If you were unsure about what you were doing for Christmas, come meet me of the beach.


Swallowfield said...

Dear Joshua, What a far cry from a Swallowfield Advent and Christmas. Trusting that you've been singing about "the redemption that rips through the surface of time in the cry of a tiny child". We're missing you and R and A already. All is well and all is well and all manner of things shall be well from Telegraph Trail to Korea to Kingston. Praying for safety and Christmas LIGHT in your travels. And then your da' will be there. love you and miss you.

Carmela said...

Hey Josh. How've you been as of late?